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We want to be very clear: access to the financial instruments proposed here, although not attributable to traditional banking standards, requires the availability and willingness to anticipate part of the expenses required for the activation of the collaterals necessary for operation. It does not exist, and there cannot be an operation that can be activated at no cost! The "I'll pay costs as soon as I receive the funds / financial instrument requested" is a pure chimera. Although no particular guarantees are required, to access these instruments, a minimum availability - as a little percentage of the requested amount - is necessary to pay in advance, as already mentioned, the issuing of the security, the government taxes of the country where the transaction get origin, the bank costs of the transaction (sometime the Currency Conversion too). So, please, do not get in touch with us if you are not compliant with this point. That said, let's see what are the criteria for awarding the loan or instrument requested and what documents are required to activate these tools:

Although start-up projects can also be financed, it is good that the proposing company has a history and a turnover consistent with the amount requested. Thus, it is unthinkable to be able to finance a newly formed company with zero turnover. In other words, it is necessary to demonstrate that you have the ability to bear the costs of the loan or that someone can guarantee them. No document, surety, or guarantee signature are required. But at least...

Choose here the financing formula that best suits your needs:

Plan A: 10 Years Loan Plan. You will pay 3% of $XXX,000 every year for 10years as Annual loan Interest rate. At the end of the loan term you will pay back the total $XXX,000 loan sum we offered you.
Plan B: 20 Years Loan Plan. Not paying back the loan at the end of the loan term period. You will pay 8% of $XXX,000(LOAN SUM) every year for 20years. At the end of the 20years You would have paid (8% of loan sum multiplied by 20). And you would not have to pay any loan sum at the end of loan period(20 Years).
Plan C: 10 Years Loan Plan. 2% Interest rate per annum for 10 years calculated and totaled once (that is 20% in total). You will be charged 20% of $XXX,000 for the whole 10 years loan period as Loan Interest rate. (20% OF TOTAL LOAN SUM WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM LOAN SUM TO PAY OFF THE TOTAL INTEREST RATE AND THE BALANCE WILL BE SENT TO YOU). At the end of the Loan Term (10 Years) you will pay back the total loan sum you applied for and was initiated.

Download here the costs table & procedure:

 Costs table & procedure 

Be aware!

Access to all our financial instruments requires the advancement of some administrative expenses, bank and government taxes. Then, once your request has been approved, these payments, which can vary in size depending on the issuing bank and the country where the transaction originates, must be made. It is not possible to obtain any bank security by making the payment of expenses conditional on receipt of the deposit / cash. If that were the case, anyone could build up capital from scratch - that's not how it works. Here you can find Procedure & Costs. So please only contact us if you have a clear understanding and agree to this mode of operation. Thanks for your cooperation..

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