Giuseppe Cherubini

He is graduate in Nuclear Enginnering next the La Sapienza University in Rome on 1979 and got the enrollment of the engineering order of Rome on April 1980. He later obtained a master's degree in Environmental Law and Fire Safety. He’s also part of the enabled subjects for system safety checks. Mr. Cherubini has has covered, over time, the following roles:

• DIRECTOR – COTRAL SPA - Combined cycle thermoelectric, hydroelectric plants, lines and stations

These are his publications:

➢ Active packaging for food storage
➢ The packaging of food products
➢ Aging of roasted ground coffee in perforated commercial packs
➢ Treatment of mites, parasites, mu ff e, etc.
➢ Optical scanners for the digitization of industrial radiographic plates
➢ Automated digital signal processing for non destructive integrity assessment of critical power plant components
➢ System for digitizing, viewing and archiving images of industrial radiographic plates
➢ Digitization and archiving of radiographic images of industrial films
➢ UNI standard project for the evaluation of the fundamental parameters of a radiographic plate digitizer
➢ Integrated system for digitation, interactive processing, presentation and storage of fi lm-supported industrial radiography images
➢ PCB Infectious risk waste sterilization system®

Here the list of the training courses in which he participated:

o SIRI - Robotics and Welding (Milan)
o AIM - Ultrasound and Magnetoscopy (Turin)
o Min.Pubbl.Istr. - Radiation protection - ITIS Fermi (Rome) with certificate achievement.
o AIPnD - I.I.S. Non-Destructive Tests in Nuclear, Petrochemical and O-shore (Florence).
o AIPnD - Non-Destructive Diagnostics in Technology (Rome)
o Head of the Inspection Verification Group - Rocca di Papa (Rome)
o Staff Management
o ITIS E. Fermi refresher course "Physical surveillance of protection from ionizing radiation"
o Budgetary management of the company
o Analysis of the corporate balance sheet
o Use of word processing programs and spreadsheets
o Managerial Project Management (Bocconi Milan)
o Quantitative methods of business management (Bocconi Milan)
o Health protection of people against the dangers of ionizing radiation related to medical exhibitions (ENEL - DCO Laboratory - Piacenza)
o Project Management (Istud Torino)
o Radiation protection in dental radiology - technical, Health Physics and Administrative problems (ENEA Bologna)
o Management of Technological Innovation (LUISS Rome)
o Project Financing (Bocconi Milan)
o Comakership and Procurement (Calgano Milan)
o The new Conto Energia (Rome Format)
o Waste management / SISTRI (2010 Confservizi), o The CCE regulations in road transport (2010 ASTRA - Rome)
o Hydrogen and Fuel Cell (2010 Shanghai Shen Li HI)
o Refresher course for Fire Fighting Managers (2016 La Sapienza University Faculty of Engineering)
o Optimization of Radiation Protection in interventional radiology procedures (2017 - INAIL) o New Euratom Directive on Radiation Protection (2017 Order of Engineers Rome)
o CSE-CSP refresher course (Order of Engineers Rome March 2019)
o Sismabonus and redevelopment interventions (2017 Order of Engineers Rome)
o CSE-CSP refresher course (2020 P-Learning)
o Study days DLgs 101/2020 (2020 Anpeq - Airp - Airm)
o Refresher course for Competent Acoustics Technicians (2020 Order of Engineers of Rome)
o Radon in buildings (2020 Professionals Union)
o The figure of the Radon Restoration Technician (2021 Order of Engineers of Rome)
o RSPP Refresher Course (2021 Edafos)
➢ Aircleantek®
➢ Bustronica®
➢ Hydrogen refueling station and hydrogen bus

Professional Experiences

1. Design, control and coordination of design, definition of technical and qualitative specifications, management supplies, manufacturing surveillance, audits, qualification of contractors and suppliers, contract management research, promotion of the ISO 9001 Quality System at ENEL Suppliers for thermoelectric and nuclear plants (Caorso, Montalto di Castro, Cirene, Unified Nuclear Project, Trino Vercellese, Fiume Santo; Sulcis; Torrevaldaliga North, Presenzano, Montorio al Vomano).
2. Verification of certification documentation of prototype components.
3. Design of HV / MV / LV electrical systems, testing of 6 kV motors and transformers.
4. Management of nuclear fuel elements and radioactive sources
5. Radwaste design (Caorso)
6. Design verification of cooling towers (CCCGT Trino Vercellese)
7. Design verification of ITAR (Wastewater Treatment Plants)
8. Design verification and testing overhead crane building turbine, machine lifting and handling elements of fuel. Verification and testing of overhead cranes for positioning and maintenance of nuclear reactor vessel C.le Alto Lazio and Cyrene.
9. Crane testing and periodic checks mounted on vehicles (Italian Army, Bonfiglioli).
10. Periodic check of lifting bridges with mobile and fixed columns (Cotral).
11. Non-destructive tests (U.S. M.S. L.P. RX) on pressure vessels (ENEL, Ultragas, ACEA).
12. Structural checks of the metallic carpentry of the boiler castle and of the thermoelectric membrane walls e calculation of the residual life (C.le Termoelettrica Piombino, Bastardo, Pietrafitta, Fiumaretta, Torrevaldaliga).
13. Diagnosis of plant components and residual life calculation (C.le Nucleare Latina and Caorso).
14. Check of tube plates and casing of steam generators and heat exchangers AP BP (C.le di Tavazzano and Ostiglia).
15. Testing of components and systems of nuclear (Corso, Cirene, Montalto di Castro), conventional and cycle plants combined (Thermal Power Plants and CCGT Trino Vercellese, Brindisi, Fiume Santo, Sulcis, Torrevaldaliga, Montalto di Castro, Termini Imerese, Piombino, etc)
16. Definition of the Accelerometric Network of the Country (RAN) and design of survey stations;
17. Design of the testing and examination laboratory for the Montalto di Castro Nuclear Power Plant
18. Technical supervision of the construction of gas turbines for the re-powering of the national electricity park
19. Study and applicative definition of the technologies of the anticorrosive coatings of the plants.
20. Organization of the New Larderello Workshops and Quality System design.
21. Construction of a 3.5 MW photovoltaic plant in Serre Persiano (SA)
22. Testing of hypercritical thermal power stations and testing of CCGT Combined Cycle Power Plants of the national electricity park
23. Reorganization / innovation of products and production processes
24. Definition of architecture, design, procedures of the constitutive acts Consortia, ATI (Temporary Associations of Enterprises), RTI (Temporary Groupings of Companies).
25. Development of telecommunication system with optical fibers for fixed and mobile telephony communication system for ACEA network (Rome)
26. LAN and VAN network development for data transmission system between control room and peripheral centers of control systems of energy production plants
27. Design review of the application system for the management and control of data of combined cycle power plants on ENEL's DIGITAL UNIX operating system in collaboration with ELSAG BAILEY, MOORE, DIGITAL.
28. Participation in the start-up, operation and maintenance of thermoelectric and thermonuclear power plants;
29. Safety and risk analysis of nuclear plants and traditional high-risk plants (urea, ammonia, limestone, LPG deposits, etc.);
30. Design of "repowering" systems for thermoelectric plants;
31. Design of thermal machines and cogeneration plants for the civil and industrial sector (mainly, steel sector);
32. Design of production, storage and distribution plants for liquid and gaseous fuels;
33. Design of 2 ^ and 3 ^ category radioactive material repositories
34. Design of conditioning interventions of the resulting materials associated with the decommissioning of plants nuclear;
35. Design of decontamination and dismantling of nuclear plants and site remediation industrial plants polluted by toxic or radioactive materials
36. Procurement management of plant parts and plant components.
37. Management control of the activities carried out by Enel Power through the application of suitable management tools administrative-accounting, with monthly budget checks and monthly budget analysis
38. Measurement of ionizing radiation
39. Measurement of non-ionizing radiation (NIR)
40. Environmental audits on landfills
41. Definition of documents for amb. Monitoring offer
42. Monitoring, analysis, static consolidation and construction management of reinforced concrete structures building Lungotevere Flaminio, 70 Rome
43. Design of a new sewer system and construction supervision of the Lungotevere Flaminio building, 70 Rome
44. Monitoring, analysis, static consolidation and construction supervision of reinforced concrete structures building via del Vignola, 15 Rome
45. Monitoring, analysis, static consolidation and construction management, CSP / CSE structures in reinforced concrete building Piazza Gentile from Fabriano, 1 Rome
46. ​​Static consolidation and construction supervision of the building via Frattina, 104 Rome
47. Static consolidation, staircase demolition design and new self-supporting steel staircase and construction supervision CSE building via del Gambero, 15 Rome
48. Borexino testing for solar neutrino research (INFN Gran Sasso National Laboratories)
49. Analysis, non-destructive tests and solutive intervention design (with wall papering solution) on tanks in concrete coated in steel Carmignani Petroli Depot of Genoa (Sudimpianti)
50. Design and construction supervision, CSP / CSE terraced villas Villa Lidia Nepesina (client Aloisi)
51. Design of hydrogen generators with PEM membranes
52. 10 and 200 kW Fuel Cell Design
53. Bustronica patent for predictive and condition-based maintenance with real-time monitoring
54. Aircleantek patent for air purification
55. Patent for sterilization of infectious risk waste
56. Homologation of the active organic food packaging system by the Ministry of Health
57. RSPP Paganini Group (San Feliciano Clinic, Nuova Itor Hospital, Santa Famiglia Clinic, Santa Lucia RSA from 2005 to 2015) - Mercuri Group (Karol Wojtyla Hospital, Villa dei Pini from 2013 to 2017)
58. RSPP and COTRAL Spa Quality Delegate from 2007 to 2009
59. RSPP Consorzio Sinergie (services for RSA: Anchise, Casa Soggiorno Anagnino, Cassia Residence, Colle degli Ulivi, Gli Annali, La Fazenda, Mater Dei, Residence Anagnina, Villa Albani, Villa Celeste, Villa Serena from 2014 to ongoing)
60. Smart box patent for remote virtual multiporpose fiber optic-twisted pair connection
61. Design and innovation of 12-meter TPL buses
62. Radiation risk assessment and contamination monitoring base Pedrasdefogu (Sardinia)
63. Design of a motorized bus with Fuel Cell and powered by hydrogen
64. Reorganization of Cotral workshops, management system, engineering and maintenance director, maintenance management bus fleet, etc.
65. PEARS elaboration (Sicily region)
66. Safety Coordinator in the design phase art 91 and Safety Coordinator in the execution phase art. 92 Legislative Decree 81/08 Energy New 2.5 MW photovoltaic plant and related buildings (2011-2013)
67. Assessment of the risk of radiation and radioactive contamination in the Pavdolar and Shymkent area (Kazhastan)
68. Safety Coordinator in building maintenance execution phase Merinvest srl Nursing home villa dei Pini (2014- 2017)
69. Radon monitoring of the offices of the Presidency of the Council and the Presidency of the Republic, Constitutional Court offices
70. Safety coordinator during the demolition of an earthquake-struck building and reconstruction for soc Mideuro srl loc Pianola L'Aquila (2013-2016)
71. Radon and RUD contamination monitoring
72. RSPP and Safety Coordinator in the execution phase of an industrial factory with a selection system for ferrous metal waste and non-ferrous (2011 - ongoing)
73. CSP / CSE Safety Coordinator construction of new heavy vehicle workshop ARMA srl Rome (2017-2020)
74. Physical Radiation Surveillance for Polaria, Quirinale, Airports Ports, Internal Ministry and Prefectures
75. Works management and CSP / CSE maintenance of buildings viale Kennedy 25 and via Palestrina, 2 Ciampino (Rome (2018- current)
76. RSPP and Laser Safety Officer for Sardegna Ricerche (2015-2019)
77. RSPP for n. 150 dental offices in Rome (from 2008 - ongoing);
78. RSPP for Service Lazio srl (from 2014 - ongoing)
79. Laser Safety Officer at Acea Elabori spa (2015 - ongoing)
80. Environmental remediation of the nomad camp Via di Salone Roma
81. Environmental remediation restored to pristine environmental disaster Collatina Rome real estate compendium (2018)
82. Hydrogen production plant from waste and sludge
83. Procedures for accreditation / authorization of health facilities and studies (1995 - present)
84. Elaboration of quality control practices and characterization of x-ray equipment for dose attribution to patient (1990- present)


1 Teacher of the first course of Environmental Impact Assessment on behalf of the Order of Engineers of Rome and the Federation Lazio engineers.
2 Teacher for personal training ENEL DCO Quality Office
3 Teacher for courses on Safety at Work
4 Lecturer for Radiation Protection and Health Physics courses
5 Metallurgical Methodologies (La Sapienza - Rome)
6 Teacher of Project Management
7 Teacher of Energy
8 Teacher of AIFOS Training Center

Activities carried out abroad

France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Ireland, USA, Canada, Japan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Jordan, Iraq, Nigeria, Ukraine, Finland; Czech, China, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, England, Kazakhstan

Giuseppe Cherubini

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