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We want to be very clear: access to the financial instruments proposed here, while not traceable to traditional banking standards, requires the willingness and ability to advance part of the expenses required to activate the guarantees necessary for operation. There is not and cannot be an operation that can be activated at zero cost! The "I will pay the costs as soon as I receive the required funds/financial instrument" is a mere pipe dream. Although no special guarantees are required, accessing these instruments requires a minimum availability-such as a small percentage of the requested amount-to pay in advance, as mentioned above, the issuance of the security, the government taxes of the country where the transaction originates, and the banking costs of the transaction (sometimes even Currency Conversion). So please do not contact us if you are not in compliance with this point. That said, let's see what are the criteria for the allocation of the requested loan or instrument and what documents are needed to activate these instruments:

Eligibility Criteria:

Although start-up projects can also be funded, it is a good idea for the proposing company to have a history and turnover consistent with the amount requested. Therefore, it is unthinkable to be able to fund a start-up company with zero turnover. In other words, it is necessary to show that you have the ability to bear the costs of the loan or that someone can guarantee them. No documents, sureties or guarantee signatures are required. But at least.

Requested documents:

- Fill out the KYC (Know Your Customer) form that can be downloaded here and complete it in its entirety. - Attach a copy of the passport of the legal representative of the applicant company. - Attach a valid proof of address of the same. Ex: copy of an electricity bill, water bill, etc. Cell phone bills are not allowed). - Attach, where available, a copy of the Business Plan or, otherwise, a description of the project to be financed showing its positivity, criticality and expected cash flows. - Attach a copy of the certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce.

download here the KYC form.

Financed amount

From 1M to 1B


- Fill Out KYC form
- Annex all requested document
- Wait for the response (10 working days max)
- In case of positive response, an Engagement letter with BPA will be signed off, and an Engagement Fee will be paid to BPA.
- A DOA (Deed of Agreement) will be sent to you after few days.
- When DOA has been signed by you and Countersigned by the Provider and the Bank Officer, you have to pay the requested fees.
- Immediately after receiving and verifying the payment, within the nex 72 hours, the Security or the Cash Loan will be sent to your Bank by SWIFT procedure. ((Make sure you have informed your bank of this procedure and that they will accept it.)

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