Discipline, research, confident and strong gestures, but calm at the same time, are the key elements of my style language. I am a designer who has found his concept of style between modernity and clarity. “I’m looking for synthesizing form, which is necessary in this time of strong aesthetic pollution”. Experimentation and tradition as a con- tradiction, therefore, that enhances the contrasts. A futuristic look never devoid of the wisdom of savoir faire. “To be at the vanguard must return to the ancient, but having the strength to turn it into something of ultra- modern. Knowing, therefore, the rules of tailoring and then subvert them. “I lived through the golden years of this work.The apogee of Versace, Ferrè, Armani. I moved among them as young label debut. The success has been recognized by the media and the market. With the declining years of aesthetic certain logic I stopped marketing my brand, and I am dedicated to advising companies lacking stylistic identity, establishing a studio in Milan, which offers full support of design, marketing and communication strategies.

Massimo Monteforte

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