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I started my career with an internationaly reputable Loss- & Average adjuster (Langlois&co) in Antwerp. After my military service, I was send to London to learn the insurance trade within an international insurance brokerage Firm (now known as Willlis) and as (assistant-)underwriter (at Lloyd’s). Three years later, my principals requested me to open their new Paris office (Langlois Brocklehurst). I developed the client base, traveled extensively (Europe, Africa) for a very different array of claims and risk analysis reporting jobs. Another three years later I was offered and acted as the Public Relation officer for the London/EU-market by a Californian Claim Administrator (Herbert, Biller & Smith. I then accepted the offer for a growing Antwerp broker (Heyblom E) needing a client developer with international and special risks know-how. While acting as a broker I developed in the meantime my administrative skills as consultant with several independent Real Estate entities. I then was offered a job as a Commercial Director within the Belgian entity of an international insurance brokerage company (Reed Stenhouse). As Public Relation officer, I attracted new potential clients by organizing events with risk- & insurance topics for potential (international) customers. A business opportunity came along to start a new Car Renting Cy (APL) requiring an individual with insurance and commercial qualities. The company knew a rapid growth leading consequently to the sale to Top Lease. I then was able to introduce my team to an entrepreneur wishing to develop his own renting arm. (Mr Th. Taveirne with dealerships in the Brugge area). We grew the Renting dept to a 500+ fleet within three (3) years after which the rental was sold. Re-thinking my options I was introduced to an independent insurance broker (Anglo-Belge Special Risks). Although indeed a good and well led structure, the limited travel and predominant office work combined with limited internal promotion(s) (=family business) led me to try and develop myself as an entrepreneur. I chose a niche market namely Sports and more specifically a very special “Motorsports”. With very limited funds counting on my imagination and family support, I developed a structured risk analysis approach of this huge! and still growing market. I was able to grow as indicated in my Bus/Plan reaching within four years a turnover of several million Euros with an average of 12% gross profit. I also developed my own IT-software to interface with my customers. The financial & economical crisis and my limited funding/backing now force me to look for other alternatives I am now looking to offer my experience and know-how, worldwide, to companies or entrepreneurs as Risk- & Safety analist with a good balance of travel, contacts with customers and administrative functions.

Guy Declerck
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