1. The design, construction and management of new ports and / or tourist landings; achievements to be carried out in synergy with other tourism companies and local authorities already present in the area, also through the establishment of specific Tourist Districts.

2. Promote, assign and execute sales mandates, technical and regulatory consultancy

3. Company mergers and acquisitions as well as feasibility studies, strategy / restructuring consultancy, debt or refinancing agreements, growth capital and / or selling your business, for companies and / or individuals operating worldwide.

4. Research and positioning all over the world for new and used boats of any tonnage

5. Classification of port structures, also on the basis of individual concessions

6. Reconnaissance of the hospitality and service structures, both to boats and to people, in the vicinity of the port structures

7. Reorganization plan of all the aforementioned structures, both at sea and ashore, with particular regard to the standardization of the "tourist product"

8. Formulation of the masterplan of the most significant areas of the port and urban development (waterfront) assumed

9. Evaluation of the investments necessary to achieve the minimum standards of services offered

10. Identification of the availability of resources in the public and private sectors and the possible search and selection of partners

11. Organization of the supply chain of ports as interface of the territory to and from the sea, including the hypothesis of rationalization of public transport

12. Formulation of a pricing policy for moorings and services, including the promotion of charters and rentals of boats and cars

13. Organization of the exchange of berths by proposing a single territorial contract

14. Promote the cultural and natural riches and flavors of the coastal and inland areas through the development of an integrated tourism-culture-sea offer capable of generating new tourist flows

15. International promotion of the networks created as a center of excellence for Mediterranean nautical tourism

16. Provide for Bank Instruments and/or Investors needed to finance your project.

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