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The categories of information about you that we may collect, use, disclose and otherwise manage may vary by country and applicable law. Generally, we will collect, store and process information about you if you use our websites to view our services, if you voluntarily provide us with such information, for example when you subscribe to our mailing list, posting such content on one of our social media or by using a hashtag or other identifier that we use to integrate social media content with our websites, or if you are applying for a job or participating in inquiries or surveys. This information will be processed electronically and includes: • contact details including name, e-mail, telephone number and address; • login and account information, including username, password and unique user ID; • personal data including sex and date of birth; • personal preferences including your marketing and cookie preferences; • content that you may provide via a form on our websites; • your image and any personal information you include in the content you contribute to our websites (such as comments, photos and videos) as well as the name of the social network! media account from which you provide this information; And • other personal information that you provide to us on our websites, via mobile apps, on feedback forms, or when you interact with us in other ways, whether online or offline. Our website collects certain information by automated means when you visit us.

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