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Rajiv Gambhir

I, Rajiv Gambhir am credited with 30 years of cross – Industry experience , focused on setting up various Greenfield projects within India and with pan – global organizations, whereby providing logistical support in India to multinational companies like OMA SUD, ROME, manufacturers of worlds solo Luxury Cabin Charter Air Crafts, M/s ARIS SpA, Torino, the manufacturers of Specialty Vehicles in India. The revenue proposed for the year 2013-2014 is being envisaged at INR 500 Million. As the founder of QUASAR AIRLINES and also presently the Managing Director of PROMINENT COMTECH Pvt Ltd who and QUASAR AIRLINES Pvt Ltd, while having small time business interest in Real Estate also. Though I have Studied and Graduated in Commerce but I can stand my ground against tech – scientists in their industry on areas or even different pathways to get the same molecule. I am a voracious reader of Science and Technology research papers, My reading is not limited only to business, it expands into the field of literature and politics. This could be because of my imaginative and creative skills. I consider myself lucky to be blessed with unparalleled opportunities to travel globally and meet with distinguished business personality of the world. I astutely founded Quasar Airlines with an idea to provide ultimate luxury in aviation sector at affordable price and make chartering flights affordable to general masses in India.

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