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Stefano Rampini

He is a Graduated Electronic Engineer who has acquired a deep knowledge both of the general management of companies and of commercial relations with various customers as well as knowledge of the problems associated with low / zero emission urban public transport. In the 70s / 80s, it was exclusively authorized for Europe by the US company Gulf + Western (manufacturer of the aircraft stop barriers installed in the runway head for the emergency coupling of military fighters) to authorize or minus the opening / closing of the runways of military airports on the basis of my technical / functional verification of the stop barriers. On the early 2000s, he has developed hydrogen buses for Rampini Spa, together with Hydrogenics Ltd, one of the world's largest producers of fuel cells. Buses with which numerous demonstrations were made around Europe (World Rowing Championships in Bled-Slovenia, Nordic World Ski Championships from Schladming-Austria, demonstrations in various European countries, Germany, Norway, Slovenia, etc. It has developed an intense Technical / Commercial / Administrative activity for the sale and after-sale of fire-fighting vehicles, vehicles for airport services, diesel and electric buses, and electric waste collection and compacting trucks, etc. He has been Speaker in various Boards ASSTRA (Association of Italian public transport companies), VDV (Association of German public transport companies), Order of Engineers of Genoa, etc. Several times official speaker at the world meetings of Siemens technicians in charge in the electric mobility sector. President of the Metalworking Industry Union of Confindustria Perugia in the four-year period 1989/1993 Member of the Board of Confindustria Perugia / Umbria. Member of the Board of Arbitrators of Confindustria Umbria in the period 2016/2020.

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