Consulting, Corporate Financing, M&A

"Time is money" it is a well known saying. Generally, when you lose time, you are loosing money too. It is why, we of Blue Pool Advisors, have involved a lot of specialist whom have a long experience in their sectors and they are therefore able to advise you in the development of your projects, whatever nature they are. They are our and your wealth at once. Also they are our best consultants in the evaluation of your projects by helping us to assign the right value at your efforts.

Blue Pool Advisors Ltd was established in order to provide Project & Structured Finance and Strategy Advisory as well. Our business model relies on full scope strategic review with tailor made solutions across a variety of products. We focus on limited number of projects and aim act for long term relationship with our clients. Blue Pool Advisors brings a unique approach by combining real sector operational and financial expertise in a single enviroment. BPA is focused on investing in a strong growth and on small-to-medium-sized enterprises mainly in EMEA markets. Its team is composed of highly skilled professionals mainly concentrated on sectors spanning across venture capital investments, patent technology, aviation, fashion market, artworks, finance and resources management, software and engineering.




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