About Us

Blue Pool Advisors Ltd was founded to provide projects, technical advice and financial instruments. Our business model is based on a comprehensive strategic review with tailored solutions for a variety of products. We focus on a limited number of projects and aim for a long-term relationship with our clients. Blue Pool Advisors offers a unique approach, combining real-world operational and financial expertise in one environment. BPA focuses on high-growth investments and small-to-medium enterprises, primarily in EMEA markets. Its team consists of highly qualified professionals focused primarily on sectors ranging from venture capital investment, patent technology, aviation, fashion market, artwork, finance and asset management, software, and engineering.

Our Mission

To provide added value to all our clients through the support of all our expertise, with an industry agnostic approach to their sector they belong to, helping them find a solution for every solution for every need they might have, from problems technical problems to finding capital or partners that can support their growth needs


Our roots

It simply happened! After years of involvement in various activities, having met with numerous professionals, involved in various fields, technological and otherwise, we considered how, such a valuable source of knowledge and professionalism should not be lost, also in view of the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the same level of professionalism among new recruits. Thus, putting them at the service of all those who needed them was a logical consequence. We were especially concerned about the possibility of "closing the loop," that is, being able to provide the most comprehensive service possible. In short, a sum of decades of experience and professionalism, a synthesis of skills, all concentrated in one company.

Why us

Depending on the client's needs, we can activate our network of experts who can solve both technical and commercial financing problems. Strong relationships have been built over the years through introductions and contacts with important figures in each of our areas of expertise. Whatever the problem, we have the resources to find a solution. This does not mean that everything can always be solved for us, but we know that we have one of the best teams available in the market. In each of our areas of expertise.

Where BPA makes difference

Sometimes simply producing goods or creating a project and bringing it to market is not enough to achieve positive results. In some cases, the market environment is slightly more complicated. You might be able to produce the best product in the world, but the aggressiveness of competitors, the local political situation, or, more easily, the protectionist politics of the region where you are trying to sell your products or implement your projects, might make things difficult. With its experience and relationships, BPA may be able to pave the way for your success. This does not mean that we will always achieve the goal, but we will certainly make it easier to achieve through a systemic approach to the problem, which analyzes all aspects, from the technical to the commercial, to the "insertion" into a new, possible operating environment and, certainly not least, to the financial. Our international network of consultants allows us to relate to multiple market realities, always exploring and creating new opportunities for the companies that come to us.



The aviation sector sees us as players at 360 ° thanks to our technical know-how and the financial possibilities that allow us to support


Thanks to decade of experience spent for the most famous brand names, in top management position in the automotive msarket, we are able to offer you our advisors/production services

Commercial Real Estate

...all of our properties for sale are handled off market and upon customer request only. We work on both, buyer or seller side. We are able to find for you, on exclusive


Discipline, research, confident and strong gestures, but calm at the same time, are the key elements of my style language. I am a designer who has found his concept of style between modernity and clarity


Whatever the artwork that belongs to you or which you are interested in, Blue Pool is able to support you

High Quality Food

all our efforts lead to the identification of those producers who preserve the high quality of food throughout the production chain.


Your contribution to green energy is like a drop of rain in the sea, but which together with millions of other drops contribute to the protection of our only planet.

Nautical & Ports

The design, construction and management of new ports and / or tourist landings; achievements to be carried out in synergy

Electronic & Telecommunication

Being able to think of doing without electronics today is like to think to live without water !. It is obviously impossible! Any slightly complex object you have in your hands you can be sure that... .... more...

Where we are

England,Sweden,Norway,Finland,Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Italy, Bulgary, Albania, Macedonia,Kosovo, Turkey, Georgia, Arzebajan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, UAE, Oman, Ghana, Cotè d' Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Togo, Lagos, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana...

the most requested services

Data referred to 2021-2022 period
(last update 2022 January,25th)

Corporate Financing 28% %
Real Estate Market17%/i>
Aviation Market 5%
High Quality Food 21%
Fashion Market 9%
electronics 7%
Others 4%

Our Figures

these our figures since 2018






Hours Of Support


Covered Countries

Some of our deals

Agricoltural Estate

620.000 Acres. Sold

Regional Air Company

Consulting & Financing

Logisitic Building

120.000 sqm sold


Eastern Europe

Canaletto's Painting

dealt for its sale

Large Area in Rome

proposed to logistic operator

Pet Food Production

Financing of the retail chain expansion

Refinery Plant


Solar Plant in North Africa

Design and Fnancing

Street Food Chain

Expansion FInancing

Computerized Street Lights

Design & Financing

Shipyard in Sardinia

Proposed for sale

Large Mall

Proposed for sale

140 Trucks




Production Plant

Financing Solution


Proposed for sale


Proposed TO MERGE


Redevelopment Project





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Antonio Donnarumma


Leonardo Mauretti

Chief Financial Officer

Andrea Meucci

Financial Analyst for Eastern Countries

Claudio Peretti

Vice President Design & Maintenance Aviation Market

Giuseppe Cherubini

Vice President Energy Market

Gennaro Maccarone

Vice President Retail Market

Sergio Capaldo

Vice President High Quality Food Market

Angelo Zerilli

Vice President Nautical & Ports

Piero Casseri

Vice President Civil & General Aviation Market

Roberto Donatelli

Vice President Artworks Dept.

Massimo Monteforte

Vice President Fashion Market

Bjorn U Syren

Area Manager Sweden, Norway Finland

Guy Declerck

Area Manager Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg

Carlo Di Paola

Senior Advisor

Maysam Palizdar

Senior Advisor MEA Market


Nagib Fejzi

Area Manager Balcans Area

Anna Scarciolla

FInancial Analyst foor Western Countries

Della Adjaku

Area Manager Central & Western Africa

Giuseppe Piemontese

Area Manager Bulgaria

Jaap van der Westhuizen

Area Manager
South Africa,Namibia,Botswana

Nastassya Imperiale

Senior Advisor Tuscany (Italy)

Gianfranco Brozzetti

CFO Real Estate Dept.

Giuseppe Vadala 

Executive Vice President RE Dept.